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Fotonacht Köln - Workshops für perfekte Nachtaufnahmen

Today´s sunset in Cologne: 08:48 pm, an astronomical night does not exist today.

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Köln Rhine Walk

The Hohenzollern Bridge

The famous skyline of the old town, the Cologne Cathedral with Hohenzollern Bridge, the Crane Houses, the Rheinauhafen, the Chocolate Museum, the Severins Bridge: Each of these constructions are worth photographing. This workshop just ends when legs are tired and the battery charge is low.

Distance: 6 km
Duration: about 4 h
Price: 65 Euro
Workshop dates

Köln Mediapark

Cologne Mediapark

The topic of this workshop is modern architecture. The backdrop of the Mediapark in Cologne seems to be ideal for that. It is a car-free zone with an artifical lake in the northern part of Cologne. The distance of this workshop is quite short, anyway we will cover all aspects of long exposure photography in this workshop.

Distance: 3 km
Duration: about 4 h
Price: 65 Euro
Workshop dates

Köln Funfair

Deutz Funfair

Usually in October there is a lot of fun and funfair hustle and bustle on the banks of the Rhine in Deutz. In this workshop we will use the night scenery with the flashing sea of lights of the Deutzer Kirmes as a motif. A wide angle lens is recommended for this workshop if available.

Distance: 5 km
Duration: about 4 h
Price: 65 Euro
Workshop dates

Köln Advent Season

Rheinauhafen Christmas market

Every year in December, Cologne shines with the magic of Christmas lights. Along the Rhine, we look for adventurous photo motifs at Alter Markt and the Chocolate Museum. This workshop usually takes place rather early to be able to capture the hustle and bustle and the atmosphere of the Christmas markets.

Distance: 5 km
Duration: about 4 h
Price: 65 Euro
Workshop dates
 What kind of camera is needed? 

Please bring your own photo camera and a tripod with you. A single lens reflex with manual adjustment is of advantage, but it is not a must have.

 What kind of lens is most suitable? 

Just take one lens with you. Choose a wide-angle lens or a normal lens that you like to use. A telephoto lens is not suitable.

 What should I take with me? 

Your camera with tripod and charged batteries. Comfortable footwear and clothes adequate to the weather are advised.

 What is in case of bad weather conditions? 

The workshop will be cancelled in bad weather conditions. You will receive an E-Mail on Wednesday before the workshop wether the workshop will be cancelled or not.

 How large are the workshop groups? 

The workshop groups are limited to a maximum of 8 participants. Due to the very small groups, optimal individual support is possible.

 Are the workshops physically demanding? 

Yes, but no more than a long walk. We are on foot and have to overcome some stairs, nevertheless, no special physical fitness is required.

 Are there workshops that take place during the day? 

No, Fotonacht Cologne specializes in photography in the dark. Therefore, all workshops always start after sunset.

 Can I also book for other persons? 

Yes, please note in the booking form in the field "Other" the name or the names of the participants if the booker himself does not take part in the workshop.

 Where will the workshops take place? 

The workshops start and end at Cologne Cathedral or Mediapark. The exact meeting point will be communicated to you with the booking confirmation.

 When do the workshops take place? 

The workshops start at different times depending on the season. You can find the currently scheduled workshops under Dates.

 How do I sign up for a workshop? 

Book your desired workshop directly under Dates or use the contact form.

 How do I use a promotion code? 

Enter your voucher or promo code (make sure to spell it correctly!) when booking under promo code. Your discount will be deducted automatically.

 When will I receive the booking confirmation? 

You will receive the booking confirmation by E-Mail within three days, in case of payment by bank transfer after the bank transfer has been credited.

 Are there gift vouchers? 

With the menu item "Voucher" you can generate and print a photo night voucher yourself. When booking then simply specify the participant under "Other".

 Which payment options are available? 

The workshops can be paid in advance by using PayPal, by bank transfer or cash at the meeting point. Payments by credit card are not available.

 What is the price of the workshops? 

The workshops cost depending on the duration from 45 Euro. The individual prices can be found by checking the workshops.

Dates of the workshops

No Workshops bookable at the moment due to the situation in these days.


About Fotonight Cologne

  • "You can take pictures from whatever you can see." Who has not yet made the experience: The nightly view of a funfair, a Christmas market in the evening, a New Year´s Eve party outside or just a fireworks, in all these situations it is quite hard to catch a good nightshot.
  • In most cases these ambitious projects end by causing frustration and getting dark pictures without any recognizable details. But exactly this is the way of taking pictures that is gaining more and more supporters because the results can be quite overwhelming. These pictures show a slightly surreal reflection of a city that should be well known but is not known at all.
  • Although taking pictures without much light is not as difficult as you think. Daniel Edel takes you on a nightly hike through the city of Cologne and shows you numerous tips and tricks how you can get amazing pictures of Cologne at night. No flash is needed to get light into the dark of a digital photo.
  • Especially for advanced photographers there are HDR workshops available. This method of photography tries to control the great contrast range of photo motifs at night by increasing the number of separate exposures. This procedure allows more control about light dynamics and many styles are possible: from real-life to surreal.

    Workshop vouchers to print yourself

    Hohenzollern Bridge
    Hohenzollern Bridge
    Crane Houses
    Crane Houses
    Crane House
    Crane House
    Gauge house Cologne
    Gauge house Cologne
    Kap Cologne
    Kap Cologne
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     Start of "Golden Hour" 13.06.24 

     Start of evening sunset 13.06.24 

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